Call from your Mobile -  No Connection Fees  -  No Maintenance Fees  -  No need of any VPN  -  Connect Directly in UAE  -  No Hidden Fees  -  Setup Speed Dial  -  Excellent Voice Quality  -  View Call Details Online  -  Say Good Bye to VPN.


Download Dialer for PC


To download the FhpCall dialer for Pc to phone pls. click below Link:



FHP Call (Sales) Download FHP Call Software MHP call

then click save file…. after save ..double click that file and


 install software FhpCall Dialer




Mobile Dialer for Android / iPhone



Search and Install "iTel Mobile Dialer" from Play Store / App Store




 After installation complete in your mobile,


 Program will ask Operator code is 14398 then press save then go to next step


 in username column type (10 digit) FHPCall Account Number


 in password column, type (4 digit) PIN 

 in Caller ID column type 12345678
   in Auto Start column No  
   After net2phone registered,  
   To dial any number Don't dial 00 or (+) just dial direct 91xxxxxxxxx and press   
   green call button